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Dr Dan endorsed by Sen Josh Kimbrell and Dwight Loftis

Senators Josh Kimbrell & Dwight Loftis

Endorsed Dr. Dan Nickles for SC Senate 6.

Dr. Dan Nickles announced at Bimini's on December 4, 2024.
Help us continue Dwight's legacy of Service & Support
for Dan Nickles for SC Senate District 6.
Vote June 11, 2024
Early voting May 28-June 7

Check your Senate District:  

District 6 can vote for Dan Nickles.  

Register to vote here:

Dr. Dan Nickles SC Senate 6
Vote Dr. Dan Nickles SC Senate 6
Dan Nickles Senate 6
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                                                                              "Care Beyond The Dental Chair" 

Hi I am Dr. Dan Nickles. I have been preparing for this since 1984, I went to Emory University and I took the Strong Campbell test to find out what I would be best at in life. Top 3- Politics, Clergy, Medicine, so I prayed about it and I said "God if I should be a doctor, show me."  I appIied to 1 dental school and was accepted at Emory University in 1984 and graduated as a  DMD from MUSC is 1991. I took an externship at Grady Hospital in Georgia and worked along side surgeons and oral surgeons for trauma and emergency patients. It was intense and awesome, I learned from the best. I have had great mentors in my life, starting as a child, with a strong rooted family and a hard working mom and dad. My parents were married for 65 years and taught me how to roll up my sleeves and work hard. I  am a South Carolina native who has been providing exceptional dental care to our community for 33 years. I have committed 33 years to listening and caring for my patients, and their concerns about our community and It's future. I have stood firm on the patient's rights, regardless what their insurance dictates.  I refuse to let insurance control my patient's needs and that is the same way I will fight for you! I will stand firm when voting to pass bills that will affect the people. Not getting pressured behind closed doors to vote against what the people need. I have had to stand up to Corporate Dentistry and Insurance companies for my patients. I am a Private owned Practice I received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine from MUSC in 1991 and I have been recognized for my excellence in dentistry by the American Academy of Periodontology.  I am not only a skilled dentist, I am also a dedicated public servant who's preparing to run for SC Senate since 1984. I attend church at Grace. My vision is to bring positive, conservative change to our state, protect our children, preserve our families and businesses, and restore our Christian values in South Carolina. As the father, I understand the Importance of family values and feeling safe in our home town. I listen and care about my patients' concerns and the future of our community. You can trust that your voices will be heard and that I will work tirelessly to make a real difference. Please join and support me and my mission to make South Carolina a Better, safer place for all of us. A fresh voice and new perspective in politics. Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a positive impact in South Carolina. 

                          Dr. Dan Nickles 

Vote Dr. Dan Nickles Senate 6

Words of wisdom from President Ronald Reagan

 "Either you will control government, or it will control you."      

 Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on to our children for them to do the same. Dr. Dan Nickles has dedicated over 33 years of service to citizens of our community with family dentistry. Today he is asking for your vote to serve you as your Senator for district 6. I believe Dan is capable, sincere and dedicated to service for the betterment of our state. 

He believes that our children’s education should be focused on academic achievement and career goals and not indoctrination and that parents have a voice in their children's education.  He will fight against government overreach and I am confident he will listen to your concerns. I trust Dan with my dental needs and that confidence continues for his service in representing the welfare of the citizens of Senate 6.

"As I prepare to leave the Senate after November, may I express to you the citizens what an honor you have given me to have represented you in the South Carolina Senate."




Senator Dwight Loftis Endorsed Dr. Dan Nickles
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