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"Vote Nickles for Change
A Voice for the People,
A Heart for Our Community"

A Fresh Voice and New Perspective in Politics.

Senator Josh Kimbrell and Dwight Loftis endorse Dr. Dan Nickles

Senators Josh Kimbrell & Dwight Loftis’s endorsed Dr. Dan Nickles for Senate 6. Help us continue the legacy of service and support for Dr. Dan Nickles for SC Senate District 6! After 27 years of dedication, Dwight is retiring and is confident in Dr. Dan Nickles for SC Senate 6- that speaks volumes! Embrace the values of Faith, Family & Freedom with Dr. Dan Nickles. Faith, Family and Freedom are not just words for Dr. Dan Nickles- they are his mission for South Carolina. Let’s rally together for a brighter future! Together, let’s work towards positive changes in South Carolina.

Dr. Dan Nickles 

"Care beyond the dental chair" Hi, I am Dr. Dan Nickles, my background as a dentist, is committed to caring, not only for my patients but for the entire community. I have stood firm on the patient's rights, regardless what their insurance dictates.  I refuse to let insurance control my patient's needs, that is the same way I will fight for you! I will stand firm when voting to pass bills that will affect the people. Not getting pressured behind closed doors to vote against what the people need. I have had to stand up to Corporate Dentistry and Insurance companies for my patients. I have been a Private owned Practice for 33 years.  What sets me apart is my commitment to genuinely listen to your concerns  about our community and its future. As a dentist I understand the importance of listening, empathy and care qualities that are often over looked in politics. Stop sending lawyers to Columbia that appoint the judges they stand before in court.

Let's stop the coruption,  send me Dr. Dan Nickles a business man that believes in trasparency in government. 

Dr. Dan Nickles runs for SC Senate District 6.

A Fresh Voice and a New Perspective in Politics. 

Faith, Family and Freedom

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At the Greenville Convention Center. Celebrating our 2nd amendment rights. God Bless America.
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Dan Nickles, Tom Lynch, Sheriff Hobart Lewis

South Carolina has and must continue to be a state where faith, family and freedom are foundational building blocks of our community. I know firsthand how important this is to the people of our community. As a dentist, I’ve had hundreds of friends and neighbors tell me time and again how important our core values are — and how they need to be reflected in the way our state government operates.

That’s why, today, I officially filed to run for South Carolina Senate District 6, the seat currently held by retiring State Senator Dwight Loftis. The people of District 6 understand how vital a conservative voice has been in Columbia for lowering taxes, protecting our freedoms and those of our children, and ensuring that businesses can thrive.

With Senator Loftis’ support, I am running to continue the work he’s begun and fight to eliminate the state income tax, protect our healthcare freedoms, and repair our roads in Greenville County.

Dr. Dan Nickles

Dan Nickles for SC Senate District 6

“My name is Dr. Dan Nickles. I have been a dentist in Greenville, SC for 33 years. I am running for SC Senate District 6. I am a conservative statesman, who will fight for our Faith, Family and Freedom. Please consider supporting me as we are in a pivotal time in our state and country. Please help me fight to keep our conservative values. Our Faith, Family, and Freedom are in jeopardy. "

Elect me for your next SC Senator District 6 2024 by voting in June 11, 2024 Early Voting is Tuesday May 28-Friday June 7.

Check your Senate District:  

District 6 can vote for Dan Nickles.  

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