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Pivotal Issues 


As a dentist I understand the importance of listening, empathy and care qualities that are often times over looked in politics. I have listened and care about the concerns of not only my patients, but my entire community. I believe in Transparency in Government.Vote Nickles for change. A voice for the people. A heart for our community. I am New blood that We The People need in Columbia, to take back our stateA fresh voice and new perspective in politics. I will be Your voice in Columbia, and I will work tirelessly on the concerns and what matters to our community. I will fight for Our faith, family & freedom. These are not just words to me, but my missionSouth Carolina, Let's rally together for a brighter future. Let's work towards positive changes in South Carolina.  
                                                      Dr. Dan Nickles

  "Care Beyond the Dental Chair"

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Securing our borders

Immigration failures make every state a border state. I will secure our borders and the drug cartels threatening our communities. I stand firm on stopping illegal immigration. I will stop sanctuary cities. Let's take back our state before it's too late.

Securing our borders
Protect Our Citizens


Protecting Our Citizens 

Protecting the Citizens of SC from violence, 2nd amendment protects South Carolina, repeat violent offenders requires cash bail,  stopping the fentanyl crisis, keeping our community safe . keeping the drugs off the streets and drug trafficking, with stricter laws and longer sentencing. 


Lowering Taxes

Lowering taxes, I will work to end wasteful spending of tax dollar $ and cut state income taxes. Are you tired of inflation, high gas prices, the cost of our real estate? Let's take a stand now before it's too late!

Caring Child


Protecting Our Children 

Keeping our children safe, better education and stopping indoctrination in schools. Our children’s education should be focused on academic achievement and career goals and not indoctrination and that parents have a voice in their children's education.Preparing students for real life after graduation. Learning real life situations that can actually benefit our young adults. School choice the every student succeeds to improve student achievement throughout the educational system. Provide parents with an alternative to neighborhood schools. Ensures a system of instruction that our graduate students a successful life after they graduate high school. 


Control Over Your Healthcare

Have control of your overall healthcare and not letting insurance and hospitals decide how you are cared for. We must move away from supply-driven health care systems organized around what insurance companies will approve or deny and what doctors dictate and shift the focus on what the patient needs. Stopping big pharma's tactics to increase sales and control medications. Having our medications made in the USA. Your overall health starts in your mouth, oral health and heart health are related. Dental insurance to stop forcing out of network providers to go In network, dictating the care that we give to our patients. 

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Executive Office of Health Policy

Against Bill H 4927 now before the Senate- Not giving too much power to the hands of one person to control your health decisions. This is centralization of power It is putting all of the medical bureaucrats under one chief bureaucrat. The house just passed this bill but it still has a few more steps to reach The governors desk.  As a doctor I am committed to educating my patients on how to best care for themselves. Not just in caring for individual health in understanding the broader needs of our community. So we can have freedom to choose what healthcare best suits us as individuals and not what government chooses for Us. (No 2 individuals are alike). My commitment extends beyond the dental chair, embracing pivotal issues that impact our lives and futures. 


Protecting Senior Citizens

Protecting the senior citizens and how they are cared for. Guardians for our elders. It is my commitment to protecting the senior members of the community. I am a vigilant protector of the elderly residents. I am dedicated to enhancing services for senior citizens, ensuring they receive the care and protection they deserve. Aging and senior services hold a special place in my dedication to public service. Enhancing services for our senior citizens, it's not just a policy stance. It's a moral imperative. Protecting our elderly, ensuring they have the support and laws to safeguard their well- being is a priority. They have contributed so much to our society; it's our turn to ensure their dignity and security in their golden years..



Repairing Our Roads

Fight for More of Greenville County's funding to repair our roads and bridges, that are way overdue for repairs. 

Do our spending priorities line up with the repairing our crumbling infrastructure? Policymakers continue to prioritize repair and “fix-it-first,” yet we have little to show for their empty words. Priorities shows that the conditions of our roadways have not improved, perpetuating a costly backlog of roads in poor condition.

What sets me apart is my commitment to genuinely listen to your concerns about our local and state roads, our community, our families and its future.

As a dentist I understand the importance of listening, empathy and care qualities that are often over looked in politics. I’m a statesman not a politician.


Protecting The Unborn 

Pro life heartbeat bill, prohibits abortions after a heartbeat is detected. 

Baby Toes


Vote Boxes

Fair Elections

A free and fair election involves political freedoms and fair processes leading up to the vote, a fair count of eligible voters who cast a ballot including such aspects as electoral fraud or voter suppression. No illegals voting! For election fraud there will be jail time served. 


Protecting Our Small Businesses

Protecting Our small businesses, venues and bars from frivolous lawsuits, shutting our businesses down. People have to be responsible for their actions. Lawyers become senators and vote for laws that benefit them, such as lawsuits against our venues and bars. Community first, corporations second. There is a clear line between my support for the local community and the interest of large corporations. It communicates my stance on putting the needs and well-being of local residents and businesses at the forefront of my campaign. Supporting small businesses is a cause close to my heart. As someone who has navigated the complexities of running a small practice, I understand firsthand the challenges local, businesses face. I firmly believe that investing in our small businesses is essential. In an era where corporations dominate, it's crucial we create an environment where small businesses' can thrive. Preserving the unique character of our communities and ensuring economic diversity. 

Tort Law

 Vote Nickles for Change, Send New Blood to Columbia.
A Voice for the People, A Heart for Our Community.
A Fresh Voice and New Perspective in Politics. 

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